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Fantastic Micro Cakes For Beautiful Micro Weddings

2020 gave us many new sayings and one of them was the 'micro wedding.' Micro weddings have always existed and been rather popular but they were initially planned as such and referred to as 'small' or 'intimate' weddings. In 2020 thousands of couples found that their planned wedding of 100+ guests would not be possible and many have chosen to have a micro wedding instead.

So the micro wedding is definitely here to stay as we begin 2021 with more government restrictions. There are many great benefits of a micro wedding with the most obvious one being the money that you save now that you are not supplying a 3 course meal for 80 adults means that you can upgrade your choices in other areas, be it your photography package, menu choice, wedding cake or favours. Another benefit is that if you have your heart set on a venue which is usually booked up for years in advance theres a good chance you will be able to get a date with them with a few weeks or months notice.

I have made many small wedding cakes during my career as a wedding cake maker and small can most definitely be beautiful. A single tier wedding cake is an obvious choice to serve small numbers but sending slices to friends who couldn't attend your wedding day is a lovely gift and sponge cake freezes well. A 2 tier cake makes a beautiful display at your wedding breakfast so I will always recommend a 2 tier wedding cake to couples having a micro wedding. Opting for a 2 tier cake will also allow you to offer two different cake flavours to your guests.

Now that you have fewer guests in the room the pace of the day seems to take a much more laid back, relaxed approach and your choices of decoration and wedding cake seem to be noticed and appreciated so much more by those who are there.

All wedding cake styles work well as a micro wedding cake. Buttercream wedding cakes look beautiful dressed with natural flowers matching the brides bouquet either in neutral tones or a pop of vibrant colour. Opt for a cake fully iced with buttercream or or a more rustic look choose a skim of icing with a semi naked style wedding cake.

Fondant iced wedding cakes - often thought of as traditionally iced wedding cakes - have always been popular with micro wedding couples either scaling down their original cake order or going for a style that is completely different. Many couples who are opting for a micro wedding now are planning a big celebration with lot of guests in around a years time so keeping your original cake order for that celebration and choosing something completely different for your micro wedding is a great idea.

Now that you have fewer guests to cater for you can consider upgrading your favours. A beautifully wrapped cakesicle, an iced cookie or a small box of macarons with personalised tag will make a beautiful gift for your guests and can be delivered to your venue along with your wedding cake by your cake maker, reducing the number of people in the room on the day of your wedding to help to keep COVID safe.

There is absolutely no reason why you can't go ahead with your original wedding cake design in it's original size. People love cake and your guests will happily help you both to eat it. So if you have always wanted a 3 tier or 4 tier wedding cake then definitely have that wedding cake.

Creating a focal point for your wedding cake is a fantastic idea if you are marrying at a venue that can take a larger number of guests that you now have attending. Ask your cake maker or florist for ways to display your cake, that will also help to fill the room and bring your guests together. A tall pedestal cake stand will give your wedding cake height and a floral hoop display similar to below will definitely draw attending to your cake and fill an area of the room they may otherwise be unoccupied.

Whatever you decide it will be a perfect day and if you would like any advice on choosing a wedding cake for your micro wedding please do get in touch.


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